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OFFICIAL Celebrity Boxing

Never Quit...Never Surrender!!

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Damon Feldman is regarded as the pioneer of modern day Celebrity Boxing Entertainment, founding Official Celebrity Boxing back in 2003. Feldman is the son of renown Champion Boxing Trainer Marty Feldman, and was himself an undefeated middleweight contender on his way to earning a Championship Title opportunity while compiling a perfect 9-0-0 record before serious injury prompted an unexpected ending to a promising career in the ring. Literally raised into the professional boxing and entertainment worlds, Feldman lived out his childhood dream of becoming a professional fighter, trained by his father. No longer able to physically compete in the ring, undeterred, Damon would utilize and rely upon all of the relentless training, performing, observation and experience to embark upon the next chapter of his life, one that would enable him to not only remain entrenched in the genre he loved, but to also act upon his vision of a business opportunity to do for others as was once afforded to himself…and Official Celebrity Boxing was born. For the past 17 years, Damon Feldman and OCB have cultivated, promoted and performed over 50 live Celebrity Entertainment events, thus becoming the foremost authority of such events in the country. OCB calls upon the celebrity talent of present and past TV/Film Stars, Sports Personalities, Reality Television Performers, and high-profile Social Media Influencers looking to continue and enhance their current public persona and profile. An ancillary mutual community benefit, our Celebrities often utilize the OCB platform for awareness toward charitable and other well-intended public services. This “Doing good while doing well” approach embodies the personal belief system of Damon Feldman, and has become the very essence of Official Celebrity Boxing.

Fas​t forward almost 2 decades, and Official Celebrity Boxing has determinedly and successfully cultivated the industry's foremost national media presence, consistently covered and promoted by almost every form of daily broadcast media available, inclusive of Television/Cable Networks, Major Social Media/Content Platforms, News Outlets, Sports/Talk Shows, Tabloids, and numerous Nationally Syndicated Podcasts. Official Celebrity Boxing exposure, for those directly or indirectly involved in any capacity, operates at nothing less than maximum capitalization regarding opportunity. Damon Feldman’s unmatched energy, as well as Fight Business and Promoting Experience, are a natural compliment for the media and a perfect buoy to the Celebrities he represents, thus creating a synergy unparalleled in the Business. To cap it off, Feldman is also a published author of the “16 Minute Man” Autobiography, which is also in talks to hit the big screens in the near future as an approved screen-written biopic motion picture....with each new Official Celebrity Boxing adventure already comprising the sequel!!

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Meet The OCB Team

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Damon Feldman

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Linda Fanelli


Whitney Ulman

Ring Card Girl and Media Consultant

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Mark Ciarrocchi

Tjuan Deck Pic.png

Tjuan Washington

Director of Business Development


Fame Faiella

Social Media/Talent Correspondent

Gelb Web.png

Alan Gelb

Chief Legal Counsel

Supreme Web.png

Jemal Carter

Talent Coordinator

Music Equalizer
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